Validated Signatures

Below are validation reports for assays designed from Insignia signatures. Each report lists the strains used for validation, the primer and probe sequences used for each assay, and the validation results. Assays were often designed using fewer genomes than are currently available. We recommend that any signatures listed in these reports be computationally revalidated using the latest vesion of the Insignia database.

Vibrio cholerae

TaqMan validation results are given for 50 Vibrio cholerae species specific assays. When these assays were designed the Insignia database contained only a single V. cholerae strain (O1 biovar El Tor strain N16961), and four near neighbors in the family Vibrionaceae (three Vibrio and one Photobacterium species).

Burkholderia mallei / pseudomallei

TaqMan validation results are given for 10 B. mallei specific assays, 10 B. pseudomallei specific assays, and 80 assays for detecting either one.

Francisella tularensis

TaqMan validation results are given for 94 F. tularensis species specific assays, and 7 subspecies specific assays.